The ARC Macon is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to serving the needs of those with developmental disabilities in Middle Georgia.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Advocacy Resource Center of Macon is to support individual development and improve the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities in the middle Georgia area through choices of meaningful activities, jobs, and living options in the community.


ARC Macon believes that people with developmental disabilities are citizens with the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens. All people should have the opportunity to experience fulfillment in their lives. We also believe that individual rights are enriched by services that provide advocacy and support according to an individual’s strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.

Based on these rights, the ARC believes that:

  • People with developmental disabilities are more like everyone else than they are different. Every person has abilities and limitations. There is great diversity among all people.
  • People with developmental disabilities are people first. A disability should receive attention only when it is relevant and always in a respectful manner.
  • We must fight against any form of discrimination against individuals with developmental disabilities, singly, or in groups.
  • People with developmental disabilities have the right to make choices for themselves and have maximum control over their own lives. People with developmental disabilities should be supported in making contributions to their community.